I almost stopped this madness, this casting of seeds on the wind. Because writing online for an uncertain audience is not as rewarding as you might suppose it to be. I mean, there is the very real prospect that no one is reading it. That's just for starters. Then there is the far creepier possibility that people are reading it, total strangers, who know not just me and what I am up to, but all the characters in my life, as kind of fictional characters. I can't say why exactly, but that is somehow unsettling to me.

But of course, every now and again, I get a random email from someone long lost, who is up to date on the latest things I have thought or done, and it all seems worth it, because my long electronic tentacles have reached someone out in the ether.

So, after a four month hiatus, I am back. I should point out, for the sake of giving myself a pat on the back, that I did keep it up for almost three years with weekly entries, which is no small feat.

But enough self congratulations: the news.

Today, my poor honey cleaned up what was either vomit or melted ice cream, or vomited ice cream. It was on the planter out front. Poor honey. And she came back from a day of not just a kidney transplant, but a four year old kid with a kidney transplant. O how she suffers.

Besides that, I had a fairly action packed weekend, which I will spare you the details of, but a lot of productive stuff getting done, in addition to attending teh Alternaitve Press Expo, which I always find kind of inspiring, since there are 400 people who are really devoted to their art there selling their work. Unfortunalty, most of it is quite bad. Plus I was in LA last week and will be again tomorrow, and running around to various other cities soon, doing various things. I would be less eliptical but I believe it is best not to discuss work.

Oh and I was invited to join a think tank. Which makes me feel smart. I ate a torilla, which was moldy, which did make me feel not smart. That is the balance I find I strike in my daily living. I also flipped over a container of Whole Foods Tzimmes on the floor tonight, which wasn't that smart, though it wasn't really stupid either, just and accident. In case you are too goyish to know, tzimmes are carrots cooked with onions.

I could go on, of course, fillling in all the details I have left off in the last fiscal quarter, but what is the point? Let's jsut start anew, shall we?