I could bore you with the details of where I have been, but let's just say I sure have been flying a lot. Not a lot in terms of flying back and forth the Australia, where I would be getting tons of frequent flyer miles, but instead going up and back to LA and to NY. As in almost every day for the last two weeks a lot. It is really exhausting. Then, after flying out then back in round trip on Thursday, Friday I drove up to Mt. Shasta. Which is by Oregon. And at 2:30 am, climbed it, or to comopse that sentence more accurately, it was at that time that I started to climb. It was quite nice, with a big moon over head, maybe full, and the mountain is all snow and ice, and all you could see was the headlamps of climbers ahead as tiny pin lights in the dark, against a dark blue black silouhette of the mountain. By ten hours later, it was blazing white light, reflected off the snow, and the climbing was all ice axes and crampons and I was breathless and lightheaded. Then eventually we got up near the top, or sort of near, but didn't summit. Which was fine with me, because I was feeling awful from altitude. Anyway, this travel thing is not over yet, but soon it will slow down. But somehow I feel the excitement around here is only just getting started.