What do you want from me? A tale of going to Sweden? Of the Land of the Midnight Sun? Where people eat herring every day, and smear butter all over bread everything at all times? Do you want to hear about how after I was there for about ten days, I suddenly looked like a Swede, complete with product in my hair, and Capri shorts? Plus my honey turned blonde and fully Shiksa? But besides that, it was pretty nice over there. We travelled all around, and stayed in the north, in a farm house from the 1700s, to the south, where we stayed with her family in a brewery built in the year 1792. That was in the town of Raa. Sweden is nice, too bad it's in Sweden, or I would visit it more often.

How about the superfabulous time I had learning to surf? It was pretty good. Yves, who has just bought a giant house on a cliff in Bolinas, had a bunch of surfboards and wetsuits, so all I had to do was show up. Getting down the cliff was pretty treacherous, because it was not really a walking path. And when we got to the water, there was mostly rocks with slippery seaweed on them, and several fish carcases. But after walking down the beach a while, we got to a sandy beach, and there were a few surfers in the water there. The water was very cold, and kind of brown, with a lot of sea kelp, or something like kelp. Apart from putting the wetsuit on backwards at first, I took to the water like a fish. I fell off the board a few times, but they other surfers out there were very supportive. I learned a few things, like how I will never go surfing again. I also learned that surfing is mostly a process of sitting the water, waiting for a wave. After I left, I learned that there are a lot of sharks that swim right where I was surfing. After a day of surfing, we went out for food, which was good, because I was starved. What was not as good was that the restaurant had a limited menu: crabs, which I don't eat, oysters, which I don't eat, and beer, which I don't drink. They ordered many dozens of oysters, but I just had some water. Then I walked back to the house to get the car and pick up the surfboards, only I was wearing flip flops that chafed through my feed so they were bleeding. Oddly, I saw a ram. Bolinas is a pretty strange town. Then we went back to the house to hit the pool. They all drank wine but I headed out, to drive down route 1 in the dark.