two thirty three after a brief hiatus, I'm back and better than ever.

two thirty one desperate times call for desperate measures.

two thirty a man can not escape his destiny

two twenty nine the funny thing about cancer

two twenty eight one crazy mother

two twenty seven discover dogs!

two twenty six lambchops on fire

two twenty five nascar is bad

two twenty four new york is good

Two twenty three

Two twenty two a short animation featuring the Daily Show

Two twenty one a short animation featuring Karl Rove

Two twenty my life among the hot tubbing xxy set

Two nineteen a long, but somewhat interesting day.

Two eighteen not to brag, but my newest friends are pretty cool.

Two hundred seventeen 226 Ashbury

Two sixteen smells!

Two fifteen story

Two fourteen running

Two thirteen I'm into this new thing where I do short animations, like this one about surgery.

Two twelve exhibit A: corpus delecti

Two eleven Boy, it sure is exhausting to be alive.

Two ten The fans have spoken! Both of them. And even though I was told that this isn't a blog, I was encouraged to continue it. So I did.

Two hundred nine post nasal drip resulting from Hollywood trip.

Two hundred eight one dog paw broken. one cell phone, also broken.

Two hundred seven ha. we are dancers

Two hundred six many things have occurred

Two hundred five a walk in the woods.

Two hundred four my contact lens was burning like fire, but aside from that, a lovely day a parade

Two hundred three the return of my honey was signalled by the washing of the bedsheets

Two hundred two murder at 72nd Street.

Two hundred one felt a little weird about a guy who looked like me I met at a bonfire. got over it.

Two hundred a week with a lot of running around

One ninety nine freezing to death in the bay, almost. plus some updates about animals.

One ninety eight my civet farming scheme moves one step closer to reality

One ninety seven do yourself a favor, don't see Sin City

One ninety six a person should only eat so much pineapple in one day.

One ninety five despite my active lifestyle on the weekends, I am surprisingly not in very good shape.

One ninety four flame grilled pineapple al fresco

One ninety three of waterfalls and dying cats

One ninety two Garden State of mind

One ninety one trouble in traffic

One ninety so I am the luckiest guy in the world, in terms of who I am married to

One eight nine sometimes your mom eats a needle

One eight eight with this, I write you from a restaurant

One eighty seven ode to Montreal

One eight six with the cab driver I met

One eighty five eating with the one I'll call "Raul"

One eighty four some thoughts on the Gates, Tolstoy and salmonella

One eighty three in which two wrongs sort of make a right.

One eighty two in which I am met by two vagrants, as well as Ryan Seacrest.

One eighty one insofar as I didn't want a fish anyway, it all worked out.

One eighty I encounter an impressionist by the sea

One seventy nine a few thoughts on big ideas, colonics and buzzers

One seventy eight the difference between a chav and coconut

One seventy seven really, I see nothing wrong with buying canned beans.

One seventy six Robbed! I was robbed! Or my bike was stolen.

One seventy five in which I pine for my honey, and consider the work of Thomas Aquinas

One seventy four the episode in which I briefly review the food at the Cheesecake Factory

One seventy three on the bright side, there is always babies and cookies

One seventy two have you ever read Rimbaud's A Season In Hell? I just went through it.

One seventy one a special flash back issue, to about two months ago, to a controversial art show

One seventy o Christmas!

One sixty nine honey got a rib out

One sixty eight eat Veat.

One sixty seven my honey feeds me bugs

One sixty six a Friday to remember

One sixty five something about testicles

One sixty four will have rib removed. send cash.

One sixty three late reflections on the election

One sixty two boat building training class

One sixty one my dinner with doctors

One sixty my beautiful feet, in a boat

One fifty nine visit the La Brea Tar Pits

One fifty eight news about costuming the Graf Baby

One fifty seven my day at the beach

One fifty six my new friend

One fifty five really, how often do you eat bhutanese tea salad?

One fifty four autumn is the season of regret

One fifty three the debate

One fifty two jury poo

One Fifty One does the word pampliset mean anything to you?

One Fifty dolphin swim and boat club's newest member

One forty nine dolphin swim and boat club's newest potential member

One forty eight delightfully, nothing terribly wrong happened in New York during the RNC.

One forty seven scenes from the dominion of Canada

One forty six on dinner eating

One forty five some time has passed with no news

One forty four A handy self test included!

One forty three A bull fight with portuguese people

One forty two Sharkter, thy name is Angela.

One forty one evening comes to San Francisco

One forty it is important to beleive that someday we will look back and laugh

One thirty nine a near miss with nameless perpetrators

One thirty eight independence day in Los Angeles

One thirty seven A day at the races

One Thirty Six the other Montclair

One Thirty Five some highlights of my soujourn east

One thirty four I believe I saw Colonel Quaddaffi jogging.

One thirty three a quick trip to Montreal.

One thirty two Who wants to marry a criminalillionaire?

One thirty one run for your life

One thirty doesn't it seem like OJ was probably guilty after all?

One twenty nine of bowling and the san francisco art scene gone wild!

One hundred twenty eight my version of saving a life at the beach

One hundred twenty seven a skunk almost sprayed me good.

One hundred twenty six naturally, I picture Larry Hagman naked

One hundred twenty five often, I am called upon to attend up two two parties a day

One hundred twenty four : a life of serving vegetable nuggets isn't so bad

One hundred twenty three : another passover in the wilderness of california

One hundred twenty two : an account of how I eat cake at my job

One hundred twenty one here's a special treat: a brand new comic for you.

One hundred twenty some stuff that has been happening lately

One hundred nineteen the latest most updated news about my poor hiney

One hundred eighteen the essential point is that I am cool, while Magaret Cho is not

One hundred seventeen how to thrive

One hundred sixteen I eat the cheese

One hundred fifteen you ever hear of Paget Von Schlatter Syndrome?

One hundred fourteen not liking the fog of war is what I did

One hundred thirteen a brief trip to new york

One hundred twelve a bad video editing facility

One hundred eleven valentines day special

One hundred ten the kind of evening when some broad recites her bad poetry.

One hundred nine

One hundred eight Sometimes I get to thinking the world is in need of some repair.

One hundred seven the graf baby.

One hundred six In a sense, I have danced with Shania Twain

One hundred five an ice cream truck that is also a flame thrower

One hundred four possible poisioning!

One hundred three scorpions attack!

One hundred two you just don't see horses pulling harnesses along the beach that often.

One hundred and one Some advice I got.

One Hundred do you know the way to Santa Cruz?

Ninetynine I built a wall and my hoiny come back.

Ninetyeight the best new year's ever.

Ninetyseven the best christmas ever.

Ninetysix Saddam is no more. And the farm is burnt.

Ninetyfive A visit to to Alcatraz, whereupon I saw a frightening Albino.

Ninetyfour A visit to the Swedes, and thence to the conservatory of flowers.

Ninetythree guess what? I just sold some more books.

Ninetytwo gruesome talk of severed fingers and dune buggies

Ninetyone a glimpse into my wild nightlife activities

Ninety Thanksgiving in Marin County

Eightynine poor dead JFK

Eightyeight the salmon staircase run

Eightyseven a bit of the ultraviolence

Eightysix I will rack your pipes good.

I've been a little busy putting my dad's poetry up.

Eightyfive Still more Tim O'Brien talk. Plus! Tractors!

Eightyfour Flying coast to coast, on a weekly basis.

Eightythree I almost met Fred Savage!

Entryeightytwo Tim O'Brien is possibly not as nice as I thought. Plus my dad got a poem into the NYTimes.

Entryeightyone I would like to say that I think Tim O'Brien is very nice, even though he's Irish.

Entryeighty so far, everyone seems to like the book

Entry Seventynine I hope you are happy now that the governor of the fifth largest economy in the world is Arnold

Entry Seventyeight I am becoming a woman

Entry Seventyseven Eddie Murphy fell off hard

Entry Seventysix on returning to New York, the Greatest City on Earth

Entry Seventyfive back off, chain monkey

Entry Seventyfour for an exploration of what's wrong with wearing suits

Entry Seventythree rny kfc spot, fashizzle

Entry Seventytwo School Daze

Entry Seventyone stinky.

Entry Seventy I went to Burning Man, yet I did not attend Burning Man.

Entry Sixtynine the Chagall exhibit

SPECIAL ENTRY this isn't really ready yet, but you can look at the new design.

Entry Sixtyeight If this isn't poison oak death, then what is it?

Entry Sixtyseven Thoughts on not being as clever as previously supposed

Entrysixtysix Graf totally redeems himself.

Entry Sixtyfive Graf torpedos me, but good.

Entry Sixtyfour some naked dude getting subdued

Entry Sixtythree for the love of God! I need some sleep!

Entry Sixtytwo please let me sleep

Entry Sixtyone Tibetan beach blanket party

Entry Sixty all dressed up to look like gary cooper

Entry Fiftynine a life without the transcendent is unbearable

Entry Fiftyeight spellbound

Entryfiftyseven believe me, that was some good pizza that I made

Entry Fiftysix a chicken and a bear

Entry Fiftyfive a walk in the woods

Entry Fiftyfour strolling through the park

Entry Fiftythree yogurt class

Entry Fiftytwo delicious berries

Entry Fiftyone rapists annoy me

Entry Fifty a bird spends its life flying around. it's just what they do.

Entry Fortynine farmer's market

Entry Fourtyeight Ethiopian food and so much more

Entry Fourtyseven only he best crackers ever

Entry Fourtysix don't go see Bruce Almighty

Entry Fourtyfive please bear with me for some cinema

Entry Fortyfour honey's on the moon

Entry Fortythree a squid kite

Entry Fortytwo bad pizza is easy to find.

Entry Fortyone everything looks better underwater

Entry Forty do you know what happens to nosey people?

Entry Thirtynine art is good

Entry Thirtyeight rob and his crainium

Entry Thirtyseven perhaps you would like to read the work of a man preoccupied with wrapping Roy Orbison in clingwrap?

Entry Thirtysix rural freakout

Entry Thirtyfive let my people go

Entry Thirtyfour perhaps you like Klaus Kinski?

Entry Thirtythree dude, everyone loves puppies

Entry Thirtytwo slouching toward Los Angeles

Entry Thirtyone time for some film reviews

Entry Thirty dental torment. also, retroactive clarification.

Entry Twentynine don't favor guns. never did, never will.

Entry Twentyeight did you know april is community service month?

Entry Twentyseven a dangerous Viet Namese mission

Entry Twentysix when they come for you, how you gonna come?

Entry Twentyfive not to brag, but this one has geysers and fainting goats

Entry Twentyfour free-form, possibly incoherent, self righteous anger about the war. no pics

Entry Twenty three behold, the banana slug

Entry Twentytwo all talk, no pictures.

Entry Twentyone still more pictures, though soon I will get back to writing more

Entry Twenty at this point I stop talking so much and rely on pictures more

Entry Nineteen hipsterism in exile.

Entry Eighteen don't read this. its just me ranting about politics. seriously.

Entry Seventeen eat brussel sprouts and drink Dr. Pepper

Entry Sixteen regarding meeting famous people

Entry Fifteen mo money, mo hairy

Entry Fourteen on eating a makerel

Entry Thirteen Francis Ford Coppolla's pizzeria

Entry Twelve blackout

Entry Eleven I encounter deer

Entry Ten

Entry Nine con Graf!

Entry Eight

Entry Seven

Entry Six

Entry Five

Entry Four

Entry Three

Entry Two

Entry One


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